3D Printing club project updates

Prototype for Alex Dassise's
Prototype for Alex Dassise’s “Frisbeats”

Now seven weeks into the school year, members of the 3D printing club currently have their hands full working on several different projects.

One such project- led by students John Huntoon, Parker Snook, Brayden Johnson and Jack Archer- has the members of the 3D printing club working to create their own quadcopter model. The students are in the process of dissembling a factory-made model quadcopter in order to have a look at the measurements. This is the first step in creating their own quadcopter model using a 3D printer.

“We’re doing the preliminary design right now,” Johnson said. “We will be printing our first model next week, and we will need to print another model after that. Then we will be doing the final design.”

Alex Dassise and Daniel Jacobsen, two students who recently joined the 3D printing club, are working on designing their own independent projects.

Dassise has created a flying disc with a speaker attached to it, and is looking to 3D print a case for the bottom of his current model. He hatched the idea during his senior year of high school, and is using the 3D printing club to make his idea a reality. His project is currently titled “Frisbeats” and is still in the early stages of development.

“I keep on building more and more, and I have come to the 3D printing club to further my knowledge in prototyping,” Dassise said. “I’m really excited.”

Jacobsen is looking to turn “door stoppers” into generators.

“I want to make a generator inside of a door stopper to create green energy with minimal input,” said Jacobsen. “Prototyping designs is not my strong suit, so learning through examples, models and the knowledge that the (3D printing club) has will help me create a model.”

The 3D printing club meets every Tuesday at 6:00 pm in the library and new members are encouraged. Check out the OSU 3D printing club Facebook and Twitter pages for more information.


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