Winter Term Update

Winter term is now in full swing, and the Oregon State 3D printing club is back in action.

The 3D printing club has only had two meetings in 2016 so far, but there are already several student-led projects underway.

One of those projects, being led by freshman Parker Snook, aims to create 3D printing filament, which is material that would be used inside a 3D printer. Snook hopes to use the “home-made” filament to reduce costs in the class and to promote the creation of eco-friendly materials.

This machine is called the Filabot, which creates filament that can be used in 3D printers.

Another undertaking, spearheaded junior Joe Pelley, hopes to put a new spin to traditional business cards. Pelley hopes to create business cards with gears inside of them, giving a normal business card a new, interact-able aesthetic. The idea for the project came from a recent brainstorm on Pelley’s end, but it doesn’t figure to be just an idea for long.

“I’m going to jump right in, I’ll probably start tomorrow,” Pelley said.

Multiple members of the club are also working on assembling a quadcopter, the parts of which were printed during Fall term. The club is hoping to yield a fully functioning quadcopter that can be used for “quadcoptering,” among other things.

Oregon State 3D printing club meetings are every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. in the Autzen classroom located in the Valley Library. Those who are even peripherally interested are highly encouraged to attend!


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